Q: How Soon Should I book my Event?

A: We never pressure our clients to book us, but we also do not hold dates. 

Q: How long does it take to receive our video?

A: We average 3-4 Weeks if we receive all of the assets necessary to start Post Production Editing. I never schedule more than 2 Major events per month. To ensure Post Production Delivery. But however if a client is late turning in their assets (Photos, music, etc...) Then they are place at the end of my editing schedule which can delay delivery by 60-90 days.

Q: Do you bring a projector to play the Montage?

A: No, we create the montage for you, but the client is responsible to hire someone with a projector and speakers to play the montage. Once our client has reviewed and approved the montage we deliver the file either to the DJ or the location hosting your event.

Q: What happens if we do not turn in all the assets(Music, Photos) after the event?

A: Your project will be placed at the end of our Post Production Editing log, which can delay your video an additional 60-90 days. I always send a 30 Day reminder prior to your event that your music, photos or video are needed, to prevent delay.

Q: If I turn in my assets two weeks after my event, why can't you start working on my video?

A: I average about Two Major Events and average two or three smaller events per month. It is not fair to my other clients if they turn in their assets on time, to delay their delivery, for a client who turns in assets (Photos, Music, etc…) in late.

Q: Why does the Narrative cost more than the Documentary?

A: Narrative videos cost more, because it take longer to edit/create a story from various audio sound bits from an event than a Documentary. A Documentary follows a very strict timeline and no dialog is used to hence the story. 


Q: Why don’t you offer DVD’s anymore?

A: The Editing Software companies no longer support DVD Compression and the latest updates destroyed the quality of images when creating a DVD. Last year we upgraded our Cameras to film in Ultra High Definition aka: “UHD.” This means the cameras we film with have a higher quality and capture sharper images. This also mean more information. Our older cameras filming in HD for a 4 Hour Event would have file size of 35 Gigs, today’s cameras the files are 180 Gigs. DVD’s can only hold 4.5 Gigs of information vs a Blu-Ray which can hold 25 Gigs. This means more information and better quality.

See the example below:

DVD vs Blu-Ray

Blu_Ray vs DVD.jpg

Q: Can you take still images from the video and do they look good?

A: We film with two cameras that film at 1920x1080 HD. One of the cameras is a Canon 5D Mark III. The same type of Camera most Event Photographers use. 90% of the images you see on our web site are still images pulled from the video.


Q: I do not have a Blu-ray Player how do you deliver a video to me?

A: If you do not have a Blu-ray player, you would receive a USB that is formatted for your home computer to view the videos. I also provide a private link online which can be viewed from your cell phones, tablets and personal computers. This private link can be shared with family and friends.

If you have any questions you can reach us on our Contact Us page.