Q: How Soon Should I book my Event?

A: We never pressure our clients to book us, but we also do not hold dates. 

Q: How long does it take to receive our video?

A: We average 4-8 Weeks if we receive all of the assets necessary to start Post Production Editing. In 2016, I had my father and another family member on my wife's side pass away. This put me back a few months longer than expected... but I am happy to say everyone has received their Highlight Videos and to ensure a timely delivery, I never schedule more than 2 Major events per month. To ensure Post Production Delivery. 

Q: What happens if we do not turn in all the assets after the event?

A: Your project will be placed at the end of our Post Production Editing log, which can delay your video an additional 20-60 days. I always send a 30 Day reminder prior to your event that your music, photos or video are needed. 

Q: If I turn in my assets two weeks after my event, why can't you start working on my video?

A: I average about Two Major Events and two or three smaller events per month. It is not fair that if a project after your event turns in their assets on time, that their delivery date be delayed. 

Q: Why does the Narrative cost more than the Documentary?

A: Narrative videos cost more, because it take longer to edit/create a story from various audio sound bits from an event than a Documentary. A Documentary follows a very strict timeline and no dialog is used to hence the story. 


Q: Can you take still images from the video and do they look good?

A: We film with two cameras that film at 1920x1080 HD. One of the cameras is a Canon 5D Mark III. The same type of Camera most Event Photographers use. 90% of the images you see on our web site are still images pulled from the video.


If you have any questions you can reach us on our Contact Us page.