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                 Risen Video Production

                15016 Ventura Blvd, Suite 9
               Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
We provide high-quality wedding & event videography / photography service. We also specialize in special events and seminars.

Event Reviews

Receive high-quality professional video services, from Risen Video Production based in Woodland Hills, CA.

We are committed to provide you with the best video service.

   - "He's an excellent communicator and he truly values his clients"  -Turk Studio Photography

   - "Dion was very, sensitive, and patient with all my need and wants for the montage for my dad's 80th
birthday event. He is very professional and is so willing to put any time necessary to make the customer happy with the product. He is very detail-oriented as am I, so he was so receptive to all the little things that I wanted for this montage and was also able to display the emotion of the montage that I wanted. He is just really superb at giving the customer what he wants."
- Dalit - Photo Montage

Our track record for consistency, timely service, and subject matter expertise make insurmountable tasks possible to overcome.

   - "Honestly, I am so very impressed with these guys I could do a commercial." - Kate Nelson - Monster Music Lessons

Our experienced staff is here to assist by providing a wide range support to help make your Event go as smooth and successful as possible. 

   - "always was pushing to understand the concepts..." - Drake Siliman ACE TV/Film Editor

   - "Talented Editor who continues to hone his craft." - Paul Petschek TV/Film Editor

   - "He and his team gave me so much insight in the world of Production." - Ashley Williams - VP of RedMedia


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