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"Tell your story one frame at a time"

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Receive high-quality professional video services, from Risen Video Production based in Woodland Hills, CA.

We are committed to provide you with the best video service.

   -  "They are always quick with returning my calls and emails." - Susan Bride

   - "He's an excellent communicator and he truly values his clients"  -Turk Studio Photography

Our track record for consistency, timely service, and subject matter expertise make insurmountable tasks possible to overcome.

   - "Honestly, I am so very impressed with these guys I could do a commerical." - Kate Nelson - Monster Music Lessons

Our expericnced staff is here to assist by providing a wide range support to help make your Event go as smooth and successful as possible. 

   - "always was pushing to understand the concepts..." - Drake Siliman ACE TV/Film Editor

   - "Talented Editor who continues to hone his craft." - Paul Petschek TV/Film Editor

   - "He and his team gave me so much insight in the world of Production."  - Ashley Williams - VP of RedMedia

To speak with us today, simply contact us at (877) 740-6410 your earliest convenience.


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